Custom Wooden Items

Our  Capabilities:

We deal with everything from small hand carved items to altars, tabernacles,  life size crucifix and life sized statues of saints.  The wooden statues themselves range in size from 10 inches to life size and pricing are usually based on size and the reputation of the carver. 

How the carvers price their items :   Pricing and Measurements are generally based on the length of  the figure. So a life size 5 and 1/2 foot crucifix means the christ figure is 5 1/2 foot. The cross itself will be 10-12 feet. Similarly statues are also based on the height of the figure. In any case it is better to be very precise in your order..

See below to get an idea of the cost and timeline of a custom order projects:

Item: Padre Pio life size figure

  • Dimensions :   life size (5 to 6 feet replica of the saint)
  • Cost - SGD 1,500.00

Cost/ Price:

  • Wood Item - SGD 1,500.00
  • Manila to Singapore Surface Shipping  SGD 800.00
  • Export local taxes and other fees.    SGD 300.00
  • Tax (GST)     SGD  105.00
  • Total : SGD 2.205.00

Time Line

  • Day 0: Inital Order - accepted.
  • Day 1:  Downpayment 20% of quotation.
  • Day 15 : Prototype  (We will send you photos of the progress and ask for any comments!).
  • Day 25:  Final product (Please pay in full)
  • Day 26-27 Packing and collection
  • Day 28-35 / 38 Depending on shipping schedule expect 1 week for a cargo ship to reach SIngapore.
  • Day 39 - Port clearance and delivery

Church and Chapel Provisioning

Paete village in the Philippines has a 440 year old tradition of creating life size wooden statues of Catholic Saints, Pews, Stained Glass, Altars, and life size crucifixes.  The village is one of many centers in the Philippines reknowned for church craft and one of the oldest.  Over the centuries it has perfected its craft - after all the Philippines has 75.5 Million Catholics 16 Arch Dioceses and 72 Dioceses with probably over 1,000 churches it is the second largest Roman Catolic population next to Brazil. 
We offer services to connect the craftsmen of the village to you - to help build your church.  In the process we also help sustain the dying craft of the village as more and more of them head out to the cities to find their fortunes elsewhere instead of learning the craftsmanship of their fathers.
The Paete craftsmen can either just manufacture the required pieces or we can get you in touch with one of a couple of very experienced Church interior designers who will work with your architect to come out with a cohesive interior to the church. As for ourselves we will handle the shipping and exportation of the order and host the artisans who maybe required to install their pieces in the church.


Custom Pins and Medallions

Collar or lapel pins and medallions are die cast items painted with enamel  or laminated. These high quality items are made overseas at significantly lower prices.



Custom Item (Resin) Order

Resin requires a skilled carver to make a prototype, once done a mold is created, the figures are mass produced and a community of skilled painters airbrush the final finish into the product. 

Ordering Information!

The average order will take an average of 3 weeks to a month to fulfill.  Outlined below is an illustration of the cost and timeline of typical custom orders:


Item: John XXII figure

  • Dimensions :   21 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Full Color
  • Qty Ordered: 100

Cost/ Price:

  • Carved model (required if no 3D item is used to create the mold)   - SGD 30.00 per inch  .....    SGD 270.00
  • Resin Mold:  SGD 150.00
  • Cost per item SGD 5.00 x 100 = SGD 500.00
  • Shipping (Surface)   SGD 200.00
  • Tax (GST)     SGD  35.00
  • Total : SGD 1.155.00

Time Line

  • Day 0: Inital Order / Down Payment Accepted
  • Day 1:  Clarifications on the specs (if any)
  • Day 5 : Prototype
  • Day 6 - 10 Clarification/ Acceptance of Prototype
  • Day 11-15 Production run / Hand Painting
  • Day 16-17 Packing
  • Day 18-25 - Shipping
  • Day 26-27 - Customs/ Delivery
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